Purchasable through i3 ICS' SDVOSB and 8(a) GSA MAS (47QTCA18D0089)

Data Analytics

Our team’s experience and agile-based approach to data analytics allows organizations to reduce their time spent gathering, consolidating, and analyzing vast amounts of data while simultaneously ensuring that your data is accurate, cleansed, and secure. This allows our mission-driven clients to focus their time and resources on other business-critical activities without sacrificing the ability to generate actionable insights and make important day-to-day business decisions with confidence. Our services include:

  • Data Visualization

  • Data Science

  • Statistical Analysis

  • Business Intelligence

  • Data Integration

  • Data Management

  • Data Security

  • Data Architecture

  • Data Fusion

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Governance

Digital Transformation

The need for technology modernization experts is more urgent than ever in today’s digital world as organizations rapidly move their mission-critical solutions to the Cloud. There are countless benefits of moving to the Cloud including cost-efficiency, improved security and durability, compliance requirements, increased collaboration, scalability, and quality control, among others. Our team’s expertise in reassessing and modernizing technology infrastructure allows organizations to realize these benefits. Regardless of the Cloud solution you choose, our team will support the entire lifecycle of the migration. Our services include:

  • Technology Modernization

  • Cloud Migration

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Software Integration

  • Systems Integration

Organizational Strategy

Every organization has a long-term strategy to achieve its goals and vision; however, not every organization is utilizing the most efficient strategy to achieve this. Our team’s expertise allows your organization to better allocate resources such as money, labor, and inventory to achieve your goals and vision as efficiently and effectively as possible. Together through cross-organizational collaboration, we will develop a dynamic long-term strategy that better maps your organization’s strategy towards the realization of your goals and vision. Our services include:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Strategy Alignment

  • Performance Measurement

  • Market Analysis

  • Social Media Strategy

Program Management

Organizations of all types require Program Management solutions to maximize operational efficiency, reduce risk, standardize, streamline, and automate processes, improve communication, increase transparency, performance, and productivity, and ultimately realign programs to achieve their intended outcomes. Through detailed analysis, our team is able to provide innovative solutions that allow our clients to better align themselves with their mission. Our services include:

  • Program Management Office

  • Risk Management

  • Change Management

  • Communications Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Process Automation

  • Performance Reporting

Service Packages


(Initial Assessment)

Site survey and gap analysis to gain an understanding of an organization's current state and provide a high-level roadmap to realize its target state

Duration: 30 days

High Noon

(Proof of Concept)

Building on the Initial Assessment, create a proof of concept to demonstrate the potential benefits

Duration: 60 days

Solar Ray

(Pilot Implementation)

Building on the Initial Assessment, create a scalable Minimal Viable Product (MVP) that realizes tangible benefits

Duration: 135 days